Reduce the residual magnetism found in steel fuser, bending and blanking dies: the demagnetizer for mold and plates will guarantee ideal results with a single demagnetization cycle!

Demagnetizer designed for dies for presses and blanking machines

This demagnetizer is the solution designed specifically to reduce magnetism in fuser, bending and blanking dies.
Based on the technology of power impulse demagnetizers, the machine allows you to perform a complex multi-directional demagnetization cycle. Its system works on different steps in different directions; you will get a better demagnetization in every part of the mold. Each degaussing cycle can include up to eight directions.
You will eliminate the residual magnetism in the whole component in one execution!

Smagnetizzatori gaussko calamita ombra bicolor
0/50 Hz

with up to eight
directions for each
degaussing cycle

Demagnetizer with three waveforms: optimize your results!

To reduce residual magnetization, this demagnetizer allows you to work with three waveforms:

  • Alternating Current (AC)
  • Half-wave Direct Current (HWDC) with cyclical inversion of polarity to demagnetize difficult pieces
  • Full Wave Direct Current (FWDC) with cyclical inversion of polarity to wholly demagnetize your pieces

You can also implement multiple multidirectional cycles in series by varying the waveform, thus optimizing the demagnetization results.

The characteristics of the demagnetizer for molds and plates

You can start and manage the demagnetizer using the control panel and the functional unit, designed for housing the dies, the power supply and the vector management.

Control panel

Using the control panel you can manage all the demagnetization parameters, configuring complex cycles consisting of several phases.

  • Strong structure in Moplen in stove-enameled metal
  • Control panel with touchscreen User Interface
  • Control buttons

Functional unit

The functional unit consist of:

  • Solid structure in stove-enameled metal
  • Electrically isolated support for the molds housing
  • AC, HWDC, FWDC magnetic generators, for delivering high currents at low voltages
  • Switching system of demagnetization vectors
  • Power connectors


The demagnetizer for molds and plates is provided with CE mark and an English and Italian instruction manual (other languages on request).

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Rimozione magnetizzazione indotta quadro tunnel quadro

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