GaussKO is the brand and business branch of TemaFlux, specialized in solving complex problems related to demagnetization. Over twenty years of experience in the field of NonDestructive Testing has taught us valuable lessons, which are fundamental also in the removal of residual magnetism. Today many companies operating in the steel industry are looking for demagnetization, since the levels of residual magnetism required by the production system get lower and lower.

TemaFlux: twenty years of specialization
in NonDestructive Testing

GaussKO was born from the experience of TemaFlux, a company active in the production and sale of equipment for nondestructive testing, quality control and testing machinery.
TemaFlux uses advanced technologies; its competent staff always keep up with new methods and knowledge.

TemaFlux’s points of strenght


Optimal management of magnetism

We supply machinery for all your demagnetization needs, guaranteeing results that optimize your production.


International inclination

TemaFlux manages orders both in the national and international markets, maintaining contacts with companies all over the world.


Flexibility in responding to requests

Thanks to our efficient structure, we guarantee flexibility in managing and responding to all your requests.

GaussKO: specializing in demagnetizing

One of the historical services of TemaFlux consists in the supply of demagnetizers, used to remove magnetism generated by NonDestructive Testing (such as Magnetic Particle Inspection and Eddy Currents).
With GaussKO we wanted to further specialize, maintaining quality and high performance. We decided to delve into the field of demagnetization, and we’re always developing advanced technologies. Our machinery eliminates magnetism especially in the final phase of production and during the treatment of components, planned to facilitate processing (welding, chrome plating, washing and others).

Our top product: the low-frequency demagnetizer

Our top product is the industrial demagnetizer, which uses a low frequency (from 0 to 30 Hz) to degauss.

Unlike other machines, our demagnetizer is one of the few that removes residual magnetization still present in the piece at a deep level; it also works on large pieces and on bundles of pipes and bars. Without magnetism, you can sell your industrial components more easily!

Rimozione magnetizzazione indotta quadro tunnel quadro

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