Reduce magnetism and make your steel pieces fit the needs of your clients: the automatic demagnetizer works without the need of the operator and can be integrated into complex industrial systems

Demagnetizer with automatic work and an easy management

The action of the demagnetizer takes place automatically: you will not need either to move the pieces or to use transport mechanisms. You can start it using the intuitive control panel. With a frequency of 50 Hz, the machine allows you to vary the intensity by creating cycles of decreasing intensity also called demagnetization ramps.
Unlike the low-frequency industrial demagnetizer used mainly for pipes and bars, the automatic demagnetizer operates on small and medium-sized parts.

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0/50 Hz

Automatic demagnetizers
work with a
50 Hz frequency

Automatic demagnetizer: perfect for complex systems!

The automatic demagnetizers can be integrated in complex systems, plants and automatisms, such as industrial washing machines and production cells. You can optimize your production times and costs.
Moreover, these demagnetizers are the ideal choice in case there are space constraints (in laboratories, in production environments with confined spaces) or budget limitations. They work automatically and do not require the presence of conveyor belts and baskets.

All the details of the automatic demagnetizer

Managing all the demagnetizing parameters (such as output intensity and cycle duration) is easy: you can do it through the control electronics or through the external controller using a properly configured control signal.

Technical features

The automatic demagnetizer is composed of:

  • Structure in Moplen, which is a strong and tough material
  • Structure in stove-enameled metal
  • Forced ventilation systems, if needed


We supply the automatic demagnetizers with CE mark and instruction manual in English and Italian (other languages on request)

Our service designed for you

We make ourselves available from the configuration of the machine to after-sales assistance.


System configuration on your needs

We will set up the system to best meet your production parameters


Professional training

Your operators will learn how to use the machine with a professional training


Guaranteed assistance with a single point of contact

We offer a one-year warranty and support from our staff


International shipping

We ship the machine in Europe, America, Asia (and more!)

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