Are you having difficulty with the cutting and the turning of steel? If the parts attract chips and scraps or they stick together, it could be a problem of residual magnetism.

Pay attention: the magnetization worsens and slows down the industrial processing and accelerates the wear of your tools!

Solve the problem with our high-performance demagnetizer!

Our high-performance demagnetizer reduces the level of residual magnetization. The machine deeply degauss the piece, eliminating the magnetism. You will be able to easily evacuate the chips and optimize your production process: this will improve the execution and the result of your cutting operations and the turning of the steel.

You can use our demagnetizer on pipes, bars and large pieces (also arranged in bundles): by optimizing time and money, you will make them suitable for sale!

Rimozione magnetizzazione indotta quadro tunnel quadro

How residual magnetism worsens the cutting and turning of steel

Following various processes and treatments, a high level of magnetic residue can remain in the heart of steel pieces. The damage caused by magnetism affects cutting and turning processes: the processing times get longer, the machined parts get lower quality and the machine tools, overheating excessively, wear out.

Worsening of the quality of the piece

Due to the magnetism, the scrap (or chips), the residue of the processing of materials, remains attached to the steel: your piece will get an irregular surface, thus losing quality.

Longer processing times

To complete the cutting and turning of steel you have to evacuate the chips from the piece: in doing so, however, you will considerably slow down your manufacturing process.

Tool wear

With pieces covered with chips, the machine tool struggles to function: it must increase its workload and the heat is not properly dissipated. Being overheated, the machine will deteriorate more easily.

Improve the efficiency of your cutting and turning operations!

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