Designed for standard applications on small and medium-sized pieces, this demagnetizer guarantees high productivity thanks to its fast demagnetization cycles! You can integrate it in your industrial systems.

It demagnetizes large pieces not suitable for traditional machineries, such as fused or forged ones, or pieces with complex geometries, exploiting the intensity supplied by current.

Designed for small and medium-sized pieces, this machine works automatically: you won’t need either to move the pieces or to use transport mechanisms.

You can use it for fusing, bending and blanking dies: with a single demagnetization cycle, you will reduce all the residual magnetism in the piece.

The industrial components you can demagnetize

Our machines satisfy all your degaussing needs: you can use them to demagnetize pipes, bars, sheet metals, metals profiles, wire ropes, dies for presses and blanking machines, billets, automotive and aeronautical components, turbine blades and other industrial pieces.

Smagnetizzatore a tunnel
Demagnetizzazione gaussko
Smagnetizzatore industriale
Smagnetizzatore come funziona
Rampa smagnetizzazione - GaussKo

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