During the electroless nickel-plating process, does the thickness of the steel lose its uniformity? The cause may be residual magnetism, which forms needle-shaped deposits on the piece. These deposits affect the result of galvanic coating: the quality of your finished product will decrease significantly!
To solve this problem, you have to eliminate magnetism: you can do it with our low-frequency industrial demagnetizer.

The solution? Our demagnetizer for your nickel plating

To avoid the creation of needle-shaped deposits, you can eliminate the residual magnetism of steel using our low-frequency industrial demagnetizer.
Our machinery reaches the core of the piece, considerably reducing the level of magnetization. Unlike other tools, it allows you to work on large pieces and on pipes and bars, even those in bundles: all your industrial galvanic processing will be perfect, and you will save time and money!

Non-magnetic nickel-plating process:
phosphorous isn’t enough

In all those applications where a very low magnetism is required, nickel plating is performed with high phosphorus treatments. These treatments are non-magnetic: phosphorus eliminates the natural magnetism of nickel.
However, it does not ensure the fully non-magnetic result of the process. If a high level of residual magnetization remains in the piece of steel, you will continue to have problems in the chemical nickel-plating process.

The galvanic needle-shaped deposition caused by magnetism

When your steel is still strongly magnetized, the amount of magnetism in the piece drastically affects the galvanic deposition of the coating. A high magnetic residue in the steel gives many problems: a needle-shaped deposit develops, similar to electrolytic deposits with high intensity of current on the tips.
Therefore, you will not be able to correctly carry out the electroless nickel-plating process correctly: the piece will be irregular and will need a new processing.

Improve the results of your electroless nickel-plating process!

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