If you reach the end of the steel chrome plating process and you notice imperfections, you may be dealing with a problem of residual magnetism.
Magnetism causes chrome-plating flaws: it creates surface roughness and affects the quality of steel processing!

The solution? Our demagnetizer for your chrome plating!

With the low-frequency industrial demagnetizer, you will improve the chrome-plating results, which will have no more surface roughness caused by magnetic particles. The machinery considerably reduces the level of residual magnetization in pipes and bars, reaching the heart of the piece and removing the particles.
The demagnetizer is the ideal solution for large pieces; it can be used also for pipes and bars in bundles: you will make them suitable for sale, optimizing your production!

Magnetism causes surface roughness,
a chrome-plating flaw

A piece of steel with a high level of residual magnetization considerably worsens the quality of the chrome plating process: often the surface becomes rough. Imperfections can also be very visible, since chrome tends to follow the profile of the piece during processing.

How magnetization damages the chrome plating process

During the chrome plating process, insoluble materials in the process baths can be trapped and then sink in the piece, making it rough. Magnetic particles stick to the surface of the piece.
Furthermore, if the piece has metal splinters, particles or protrusions, these will become “small lightning rods“: they will attract excess current causing a localized accumulation of chromium. As a result, the surface becomes rough, the chrome plating does not happen properly and you will have to discard the pieces or apply further processing.

Prevent chrome-plating flaws on steel!

Offer better quality products to your clients: reduce the roughness of the surface. Request a free consultation from our staff now.