Are you having bad results in the mechanical grinding processing? The cause could be the residual magnetism, which, still present in the steel, prevents the removal of metal dust: the surface remains irregular, worsening the quality of your pieces.

Optimize your grinding with our high-performance demagnetizer!

Improve your grinding process using our industrial demagnetizer. Thanks to its low frequency, it reaches the heart of the piece, also decreasing the deep magnetization still present.

The machine is the ideal solution for large pieces such as pipes and bars; it also allows you to degauss bundles. Without residual magnetism, you can sell high quality pieces!

How residual magnetism worsens the steel grinding process

Following the roughing process, steel grinding bring any component into a state of optimal shape or surface. During this phase, the exceeding material is eliminated by abrasion, thus ensuring an ideal finish.

A high level of residual magnetism worsens the quality of the grinding and of the piece: the dust produced by the abrasion isn’t removed, but remains on the piece, making the surface irregular.

Ensure an optimal surface finish grinding!

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