Demagnetize pipes and bars and make them ready for sale: our low frequency industrial demagnetizer is perfect for long and large pieces, and it will accelerate your production!

How high-performance demagnetization
works and its advantages

With our low frequency demagnetizing system, you can eliminate the magnetic residue that, when still present in the core of the piece, complicates the industrial processing and sale of pipes and bars.
Thanks to the low frequency (0 to 30 Hz), you can deeply demagnetize your pieces.
With the control panel, your operators will have complete control over the demagnetization process, setting all the relevant parameters for a correct degaussing.

Before demagnetization: the piece has external and internal magnetism​
Even after treatment with standard demagnetizers, the piece remains partially magnetic
Thanks to the low frequency the piece is demagnetized at its core
0/30 Hz

Steel pipes and bars, of large size: perfect for the demagnetizer

You can use the low frequency industrial demagnetizer on long pieces, such as steel pipes and bars, regardless of size.
This degaussing system can be used without moving the pieces away from the tunnel, using the “demagnetizing ramp” or “decreasing intensity” functions.

Demagnetizing pipes and bars in bundles: you’ll save time!

This demagnetizing tool allows you to degauss pipes and bars. Your operations will speed up, and you’ll save time and money!
Many demagnetizers allow working on single pieces: we’re among the very few who can offer you the possibility of degaussing bundles!

The details of our industrial demagnetizer

The industrial demagnetizer consist of two parts: the control panel and the demagnetizing tunnel. The machinery can work as a standalone unit, but you can integrate it in your production line.

Panel control

On the control panel on the power system, the operator can handle all the demagnetization parameters, configuring different cycles and each of their phases.
Using the touchscreen interface, the operator will have the complete control of the system. He can view in real time the output intensity indicators, the working frequency, the setup and selection of the cycle of work, in addition to service messages and faults.
The control panel features:

  • Structure in stove-enameled metal IP54
  • Control panel, user interface and touchscreen display
  • Control buttons and operator interface
  • Designed to interface with external signals


The demagnetizing tunnels can be realized with both circular and rectangular passage. Their characteristics are:

  • Structure in Moplen, which is a strong and tough material
  • Sides in stove-enameled metal
  • Forced ventilation systems, if needed

The machine is supplied with CE mark and instruction manual in English or Italian (other languages are available on request).


The industrial demagnetizer comes with a CE. Moreover, a special version in compliance to CSA / UL – certifications effective in Canada and the United States – is available.

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Rimozione magnetizzazione indotta quadro tunnel quadro

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