Respect supply specifications, client requests, the needs of other departments in your company: correctly demagnetize your steel pieces!
Using the impulse demagnetizer, you can demagnetize large or complex components not suited to traditional machinery and parts with complex geometries.

Demagnetizer for large pieces and complex geometries

Lo demagnetizer with impulse systems allows you to eliminate the magnetic residue in large and very large ferromagnetic pieces, such as fused or forged ones. It operates on pieces that cannot be demagnetized using the standard demagnetization systems due to their geometry.
You can use the demagnetizer through the realization of power cables windings, thus forming coils; or through the direct passage of current in the piece by means of electrical contact. By combing the two methods, you can demagnetize even large components of complex geometry.

Smagnetizzatori gaussko calamita ombra bicolor
0/50 Hz

for large pieces
with three
adjustable waveforms

Power impulse demagnetizer with three adjustable waveforms

The demagnetizer allows you to operate with three waveforms:

  • Alternate Current (AC), for pieces of complex geometry and thin thickness
  • Half Wave Direct Current (HWDC) with cyclical inversion of polarity to demagnetize complex pieces of greater thickness
  • Full Wave Direct Current (FWDC) with cyclical inversion of polarity to demagnetize large pieces

By using the controls, you can vary the operating mode (positioning and configuration of the coils, placement of the electrical contacts) and the waveform: you will maximize the demagnetization!

The features of the demagnetizer with impulse systems

Using the touchscreen interface panel, you can manage all the demagnetization parameters and set sequences of more cycles, each one made of several phases.

A single unit

The demagnetizer is composed of a single unit:

  • Structure in stove-enameled metal
  • Touch screen control panel and interface
  • Operator interface and control buttons
  • AC, HWDC, FWDC magnetic generators
  • Power connectors
  • Design to interface with external signals (photocell, limit switch and more)


We supply the demagnetizer with CE mark and an Italian or English instruction manual (or other languages, depending on your needs).

Our services for you

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