Clear your steel parts from magnetism: the tunnel demagnetizer, designed for standard applications and small and medium-sized pieces, guarantees high productivity thanks to its fast demagnetization cycles!

Standard demagnetizer for small and medium sized pieces

To eliminate residual magnetization, the tunnel demagnetizer is the simplest and most effective solution. You can use it to demagnetize small and medium-sized components; for large pieces, we recommend our high performance industrial demagnetizer for pipes and bars.
Tunnel demagnetizers work with a 50/60 Hz frequency: you can carry out fast demagnetization cycles, maintaining a constant intensity during the degaussing process.

Smagnetizzatori gaussko calamita ombra bicolor
0-50/60 Hz

work with a
50/60 Hz frequency

Demagnetizer set into industrial systems

You can integrate the tunnel demagnetizer into handling and conveying systems, which allow the pieces to pass through the coil and to move away from the coil itself.
The most common solutions are:

  • A chute made of non-magnetic material: with the installment of this chute, the pieces pass through a tunnel. It’s the ideal solution for small parts such as springs and screws, or for raw and semi-finished pieces.
  • Basket used through manual conduction: the basket helps the approaching and removal of the pieces to be demagnetized.
  • Motorized basket and all its correlated security devices: using the basket you can load and unload the parts on the same side of the coils (operation carried out by one operator or by an automatism) or on two opposite sides (operation carried out by two operators or by an automatism).
  • Conveyor belt and all its correlated security devices: it gives you the possibility of loading and unloading on two opposite positions (operation carried out by two operators or automatisms).

Details of the tunnel demagnetizer

You can manage the tunnel demagnetizer using the control panel: you will always control the machine.

Technical features

All the tunnel demagnetizers are made of:

  • Control panel
  • Main switch
  • Light signal
  • Manual start push button
  • Timer
  • Emergency button
  • Over-temperature protection contact
  • Working light signal
  • Designed to interface with photocell or with different external signals
  • Structure in Moplen, which is a strong and tough material
  • Structure in stove-enameled metal
  • Forced ventilation systems, if needed


We will supply the tunnel demagnetizer with CE mark and instruction manual in English and Italian (other languages on request).

Our service for you

We support you in every need, from the configuration of the machine to after-sales assistance.


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You will use an already configured system, based on your industrial processes


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Guaranteed assistance with a single point of contact

We offer a one-year warranty and support from our staff


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Rimozione magnetizzazione indotta quadro tunnel quadro

Demagnetize your pieces and respond to your clients’ needs!

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